The BENE•FIED ™ feature provides the customer with further tools to prevent claim denials by the Insurance Payer. Using the BENE•FIED ™ feature, a customer is provided a workable list of Eligible patients whose effective or termination date will be occurring within 2 weeks of an appointment. The tool verifies the patient’s Eligibility start date and end date and compares those dates to the Eligibility request sent date. If the Eligibility start or end date is within 2 weeks of the sent date, the system alerts the customer of a potential denial due to an insurance lapse of coverage

Typically, practice management scheduling (PMS) software only identifies if the patient is eligible or not. Often, the displayed PMS information fails to identify impending termination of coverage. BENE•FIED ™ identifies if the patient is eligible for other insurance plans such as Medicare, QMB, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or if a supplemental Policy is active. Staff time is focused on contacting the patient, updating insurance information, or obtaining financial assistance for coverage.